Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Online training

What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking and the term hackers are generally defined for the malicious people who use to steel the things and perform illegal activities for just for their purpose. But when the thing come to ethical hacking and ethical hackers, these are the people who are generally hired by the corporates to test the loopholes in the I.T infrastructure. Moreover, they perform the task for some betterment of the company and also do something for the betterment or for the improvement of the I.T infrastructure.

Ethical hacking or the term hacking in general means ‘to think out of box’. With the contribution of hackers and ethical hacking, modern days’ security is increasing day by day and moreover new patches and new technologies with high end security.

What are the courses in IT security?

As we know that IT security online training is not a single concept, it comprises of various things like System security, Network security, web security and lots more. So as per the disciplines in the IT security there are various courses accordingly like.


 CEH (Certified network hacker): Basic course containing major tools and good to start career in IT security Training.

ENSA (EC council Network Security Administrator): Mid-level course comprises of network security Training.

CND (certified network defender): Basic course with basic defense mechanism of network.


 LPT (Licensed penetration tester): This is the mid-level course for penetration testing.

ECSA(EC council certified security analyst): This is also the mid-level course for security analyst where you will be learning about the security analysis and security audits.

As the major brand in IT security is EC Council but only drawback is the expense of the training and the content.

NOTE: For getting the certification you need to write different exams of above mentioned courses

Course Duration: 40 Hours


Our trainers are certified in major domains of IT security so we have bought up a course clubbing up all the above courses so that the attendees need not worry about any certifications.

 Benefits of Our Course:

  • Covering major things from basics to advance
  • Interactive one to one session with our expertized trainers
  • All in one course with certification
  • Latest material and labs provided
  • Ec Council certification assistance
  • Life time support and latest updates provided

 What is the Scope if Ethical Hacking Course?

As per the current scenario there is a big boom in the cyber security as per the latest attacks and the threats happing in today’s world. So, the job opportunities and other opportunities in this field is booming up. Our course will be beneficial for learning new things and moreover it can help you in reaching good career heights.

 Who can Learn Ethical Hacking course Online?

 As per the current market scenario now a day its mandatory for most of the people working with any sort of online applications. But for the advance people such as network admins, I.T guys, programmers and other I.T professionals it will be easier to learn.

For newbie, it can take up to certain time but the concepts will be relevant and it can help all of us to be secure in this digital world. But with our expertise trainers and the latest terminologies it can be learn easily.

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