How does SAP Business One help my business?

Your company’s growing fast. Your days are consumed with the flurry of activities it takes to manage that expansion. The last thing you need to worry about is whether your software meets your business needs. With SAP Business One, you can integrate your business, improve customer service, and make more-informed business decisions.

Spend Less Time Running Your Software and More Time Running Your Business

If sales, manufacturing, and accounting are all connected, you’ll save time and money. How? You’ll minimize administrative tasks such as data entry and manual, paper-based procurement. With SAP Business One, you can integrate sales with customer relationship management, accounting, and more. When you connect all of your business solutions, day-to-day details are automated, so your time is free to focus on more important priorities, like growing your business.

Differentiate Your Customer Service with Better Access to Data
It’s essential to keep current customers happy while you attract new ones. Keeping track of who they are, their needs, and which products and services they already use is key. So it’s important to maintain current and accurate information.

Make Great Decisions
Making the right business decisions quickly is essential to the health of a growing company. But to do so requires accurate, up-to-date information. If that information is trapped in piles of paper or inside someone’s head, it’s not doing you any good. Hunting it down will cost you time. SAP Business One can help you aggregate data such as sales figures, inventory, warehouse numbers, pricing, and supplier statistics. And you can create custom reports that help you:

  • Identify where your business is most successful
  • Recognize where you need to do more strategic planning
  • Act more quickly and make better decisions, saving you both time and money

With access to these reports, your employees can:

More easily fulfill large orders by arranging for delivery of necessary components
Better time deliveries by proactively addressing issues
Forecast potential revenue
Monitor and analyze sales opportunities
Look into the pipeline to monitor new initiatives
Plus, you can change reports as your requirements change; for example, you can include additional information when you see areas that need deeper analysis. SAP Business One can support you in making the right decisions for your company’s growth.


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