New & Advance features in SAP APO

On manifesting positive outcome of SAP APO for business process, SAP APO is enhanced with extra features like

SAP APO now enables transactional ERP systems in the supply chain to be interconnected. This will help in monitoring costs and pricing.
It has become much faster than before as main memory of SAP APO is upgraded to several gigabytes
Now it comes with advanced optimization libraries like fast linear programming solver and efficient constraint propagation for scheduling problems.
Scheduling is an important part for any business process. To deal with Scheduling, currently SAP APO uses the following approaches, Constraint Planning, Genetic Algorithm and Repair Algorithm. The scheduling in a new version of SAP SCM will be more accurate and schedule precisely at a particular time. With this advance SAP APO, several supply chain planners can work simultaneously on one plan, each focussing on small section of larger supply chain.


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