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ORACLE Training in Chennai – Advantages of ORACLE

Prophet has numerous favorable circumstances and elements that makes it famous and along these lines makes it as the world’s biggest venture programming organization. Prophet accompanies new forms with new components executed in new form while the elements of prior adaptations as yet being kept up. One critical viewpoint is Oracle databases have a tendency to be in reverse perfect. Additionally when Oracle discharges another form, their documentation contains a rundown of the considerable number of elements new to that form along these lines makes it easy to use for one to take in the new elements.

Prophet plays a lead part as a result of a portion of the accompanying reasons:

Prophet is utilized for all extensive application and one of the primary applications in which prophet takes its real vicinity is saving money. Truth be told ten of the world’s main 10 banks run Oracle applications this is on the grounds that prophet offers a capable mix of innovation and extensive, pre-incorporated business applications, including key usefulness fabricated particularly for banks.

Some comparable databases like Sybase, SQL-Server one have offices for utilizing circles, conditions, clusters thus on in a system furthermore offices like cursors and temp tables however this would be utilized as a part of a convoluted style which are moderate and asset devouring operations. The operations are not actualized as in Oracle which is sufficiently effective.

Likewise with the components accessible in prophet with the prior renditions in business sector the prophet organization continues redesigning and discharging new items into business sector, new forms discharges which serves superior to the prior variants and along these lines the execution is enhanced much in later forms and in this way holding the business sector development and therefore demonstrates more noteworthy fulfillment to the clients utilizing this innovation. In this way the benefit of a higher adaptation is that one would have more components and better abilities.

Case in point prophet 8i rendition has numerous new elements which helped clients in particular like with prophet 8i one could run Java in the database, had elements like new components on parceling to bolster substantial database etc. With the following variant 9i prophet had these offices kept up and had all the more new offices added to it to be specific like new elements added to offer the DBA to handle some assistance with changing database design et cetera.

Prophet is a database that reacts extremely well with magnificent execution in requesting situations. Prophet is a noteworthy database which alongside its included components finishes the ACID test, which is vital in protecting the respectability of information. This is essential in light of the fact that information is the heart of any framework in association.

The accompanying are the upsides of picking Oracle Database.

Versatility :

Prophet is ported to a more noteworthy number of stages than any of its resistance, running on more than 100 hardware stages and 20 sorting out traditions. This makes forming an Oracle application truly safe from adjusts obviously in gear and working structure, and thusly a beyond any doubt thing. One stipulation, of course, is that applications using a couple creates, (for instance, field level triggers) may must be patched up while porting them to a square mode environment. You can similarly develop a conventionally totally included application with little data of the shrouded OS. Before long, I have made applications on OS structures barely knowing how to copy and change substance archives.

Market Presence :

Prophet is by a wide edge the greatest RDBMS Vendor, and spends more on R&D than the dominant part of its opponents win out and out wage. Prophet has the greatest self-ruling RDBMS bit of the general business in VMS, UNIX and OS/2 Server fields. This business segment clout suggests that you are farfetched to be left hanging by Oracle and there are constantly packs of untouchable interfaces maintained moreover, skilled staff are by and large easy to get.

Variant Changes :

Prophet seem, by all accounts, to be awesome at instructing you in purpose of enthusiasm concerning what is not going to be maintained in the accompanying genuine release and commonly have some handle you can twiddle for good in converse likeness, or simply forsake it working, however with “don’t use this, use xxxx rather” sees in the manual. In converse similitude is extraordinary noteworthiness you won’t be in for an application re-form when you redesign the DBMS. [Compare this with the Ingres v5->6 OSQL upgrade from hell.] I’ve worked with Oracle since V4 Beta and have never been in for unpleasant surprises to the degree sentence structure goes. Then again, see “Structure Changes” under disservices.

Reinforcement and Recovery:

Prophet gives cutting edge quality support to on-line fortification and recovery and incredible programming adjustment to inside inability to plate dissatisfaction. You can in like manner do point-in-time recovery. Clearly, you require the account parts and storage space to do this, yet Oracle supports reliable recording to tape devices spreading over distinctive volumes.

Execution :

Pace of a *tuned* Oracle database and application is exceptionally extraordinary, even with colossal databases. Prophet imply >100 GB databases and have individual experience overseeing 10 GB databases. The execution is “rough”, and in addition consolidates considered execution with locking and trade control.

Cursor Support:

Prophet, like Ingres, yet not at all like Sybase (until Release 10 I think),supports cursors which effortlessness programming when execution is required. A cursor in a general sense allows you to do line by-line taking care of. Prophet supports different cursors per Oracle relationship as per ANSI rules.

SQL Dialect:

The tongue of SQL offered by Oracle is as I would see it superior to the others in the expansions it offers over ANSI-2, which is all that much a most minimized shared variable. Fabricates, for instance, the inside and out limit and unravel watchword are successful Oracle growthes to the standard SQL.

Numerous Database Support:

Prophet has a superior limit than manage different databases within the same trade using a two-stage submit tradition. This is best executed in V7. You can sensibly viably move where data is truly secured from center to center in a framework and have data reflecting, making it easy to propel the territory of the data once in a while. This is not all that easily completed with offerings from distinctive dealers or earlier types of Oracle, where you were not prepared to upgrade more than one database in the one trade with any reliability. This suggested you couldn’t move data around without recoding your tasks. With V7, your DBA can enhance the territory without pre-organizing by programming specialists or reevaluation of the code going before the move.


PL/SQL, the procedural enlargements, is a draft ANSI standard for procedural DBMS tongues. See essential examination on PL/SQL.

Explanatory Integrity:

Prophet V7 onwards reinforces dramatic database uprightness (the current ANSI standard) and V6 stipends you to enter the announcements. With V6, you can get the toolset, (for instance, SQL*Forms 3) to examine the presentations and normally deliver the required code. With V7 onwards, not even this is required, as the database engine actually approves the respectability. This infers you can open up your database to end-customers through fundamental pariah interfaces as they essentially can’t break your business rules paying little heed to the likelihood that they endeavor. It rolls out it easy to administer improvements in business and data rules as there is one and just spot where the change ought to be made. This cuts down the cost of obliged modification to the structure in light of the way that you don’t have to modify all applications code that works with the table.

Oracle Training in Chennai

Awell structured Oracle DBA Training in Chennai which Covers Basic to Advanced DBA Concepts with 100% Hands on Exercise and Case Studies. Our Oracle DBA Contents Prepared by the DBA Certified Experts who all are currently working in Top MNCs and focusing to provide Best Possible Real time DBA Process and Challenges.
Our Oracle DBA Training in Chennai Deals with SQL, PLSQL, Installation, Backup, Recovery, Storage Maintenance, Memory Management, Fail over Concepts, RMAN, Performance Tuning and etc.
We have Separate Customized Training program for Oracle RAC and DataCard as well.

• Basic Knowledge of Database
• knowledge of RDBMS and SQL
• knowledge of DBA Process

Course Highlight:
100% Practical Training
True Placement Assistance

Course Content

Oracle 11g DBA Training in Chennai

1. Unix/Linux Commands

2. Oracle Installation

3. SQL Commands

4. Oracle Server Architecture

5. SGA components

6. Background Processes


8. Logical structures – tablespace,extents,segments

9. Physical Structures – Datafiles,Control files,redolog files

10. Startup and SHutdown options

11. Redolog files

12. Archivelog files

13. Database Creation

14. Constraints

15. Index

16. Profiles

17. User management

18. Privilege

19. Backup ANd recovery

20. Performance Tuning

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