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we provides real-time and placement focused Pega training in Chennai also PEGA Online training with real-time project scenarios. We can guarantee classes that makes you as a Pega Expert. A Best Pega Training with PEGA bpm prpc Online training in Chennai course that is exclusively designed with Basics through Advanced Pega Concepts. Pega Certification and Interview Guidance are provided during the course. All our training sessions are Completely Practical and Real Time.

What is Pega?

Pega is a Java-based BPM tool which is used to build enterprise applications. Among all the BPM tools in the market Pega is the leading and No-1 BPM tool according to market standards far beyond its competitors. Pega enables in creating and managing web-based applications with less effort and faster deadlines using Agile or Scrum methodology. All the components involved in a web-based application are in-built in Pega such as the integration with Oracle Databases and other external systems. Pega even has the best in class Software Configuration Management system built in it. It has been proved that an application development in Pega takes only one-third of an effort compared to Java.

Elements or packages in Pega BPM

Elements or packages in Pega BPM Online Training

Why Pega?

We are in a world of cloud computing and evolved programming where the coding effort takes minimal precedence. Customers want a tool which consumes business logic and generates code by itself, thereby reducing the chance for errors and rapid development. Pega is one such tool which generates the Java code in the background according to business logic. It is the favourite of lots of customers in the market, hence increasing its demand.

Whom Pega is suitable for?

Pega is suitable for all IT professionals who look forward to become System Architects and Senior System Architects in future and become industry experts on the same. This course can be pursued by Java as well as non- Java background professionals though Java skill is an added advantage.

Job Opportunity for Pega

Pega is hot in the market right now and there is tremendous amount of job opportunity waiting to be grabbed. In the current state market is short of good Pega professionals and the demand is so high. Hence Pega professionals are one of the highly paid in the market. Pega online training jobs are more famous in IT Industry.

Pega Training Syllabus | PEGA Online Training Course Content

BPM Overview, Project Implementation Methodology, Class Structures & Hierarchy

Introduction to BPM

trainingIntroduction to PRPC                       Smart BPM                           Class groups

trainingBuild for change                                 Application Documents

trainingDCO                                                      Application express

trainingPRPC frameworks                               Class structure in PRPC

trainingECS                                                         InheritanceData Modeling

trainingDefine PRPC classes                            Data branch

Property Types and Modes – Single and page properties

Process Flow – Flow & Flow Actions, SLA

Different flow shapes and their purpose
trainingUsage                               Creation

trainingFlow Actions                  SLA – Creation, Usage

User Interface

Properties display and validation
trainingLayouts            Harness                  Style Branding              Sections

Decision Rules

Creation of different decision rules, usage in flows and activities.

Declarative rules

trainingForward chaining                  Backward chaining

trainingRDE                                          Declare constraints

trainingDeclare triggers                       On Change

Case Management

trainingWork flow                  Units of work

trainingWork status                Locking

trainingDesign correspondence                  Send correspondence

PRPC Database Concepts

trainingRole of PegaRules DB                      Link between rules and DB

trainingBasic tables                               Exposing column properties


trainingDefinition               Configuration

trainingSteps                        Parameters

trainingSecurity                    Common methods

Integration with external systems

trainingSOA                               HTTP                                 WSDL           Listeners

trainingSOAP                             Connect SQL                     Connectors & Services

Rule Management & Security

trainingRule              Ruleset                   Ruleset version

trainingRule resolution algorithm              Operator ID

trainingAccess group                   Access role              Privilege

Performance, PRPC Guardrails & Topics revision.

trainingClipboard           Alerts              Pre-flight              DB trace                 Tracer

trainingPAL                        SMA            10 guardrails             Iterative approach

trainingClass structure              Build for change            Design intent driven process

trainingSecurity and object

Hope the above features meet your requirement.

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