SAP Business Objects Mobile v4.4.27 client application for IOS (iPhone/ipad)

You can easily download the new SAP BO Mobile Client Application. You must have mobile version: SAP BO Mobile v4.4.27 for ios and it is only applicable with ios-ipad and iPhone. Following are the issues and disadvantages from

previous versions of the app have now been fixed:
You will not get custom color palettes that are defined for charts in Web Intelligence in the app.
You will get an unexpected new badge that will appear over the sample documents while switching the connections in the app.
Next permitting the SAP BI password setting with the “Always” selection, as soon as user rearranged the app password, the app is detected to continue working with the old password.
While sliding a finger on the slider bar in horizontal bar charts will crash the app.
Whenever users try to tap on legends in pie-charts, the app will crash.
The app tool-bar will not be enabling after escalating a hierarchy node in a hierarchy table while using the document with the sections and hierarchical tables that are viewed on an iPhone.
The label “welcome<user-name>” on the home screen shows odd texts in “user-name” with the help of a user-name that has non-English characters.
The background color and font color of the table headers in web intelligence report table will not be shown in the app, it will depend up on the values that are configured on the mobile server.


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