SAP can resolve any threat of defense & security software

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about the way in which national emergencies are managed, the way our country’s borders are protected is the defense services. The defense forces require a more rigorous solution which comes with a better tracking mechanism and thus enabling them to stay connected on a more real time basis and get more up to date information about the various incidents which take place both internally as well as externally in the country.
Keeping in mind the critical nature of the work performed by our defense forces in the country, there couldn’t be a better alliance between the defense forces and SAP. SAP has entered into an alliance with the Defense Interest Group (DEIG) and has developed software for providing security to the public and defense. Some of these are the Defense Forces & Public Security (DFPS) component is part of SAP ERP, the SAP Military Data Exchange (SAP MDE) and the SAP Mobile Defense & Security (SAP MDS) to name a few.
SAP has designed various softwares meant for providing more real time information, thus providing a higher level of control and command which allows the personnel the ability to derive and understand the status of operational readiness.
The software for Defense & Security has been powered by the SAP Net Weaver platform, which allows the personnel to fully utilize the current existing functionalities by using the various enterprise services, and also providing protection to the current IT investments, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.
By virtue of these softwares the personnel would be on top of things pertaining to all matters related to the assets which are stored, in transit and also in process. An interesting feature of using the software is that it even enables you to understand what your liabilities are which in turn promotes an efficient and an accurate planning.

SAP can resolve any threat of defense & security software

The SAP software has been effectively designed in such a manner that all IT solutions pertaining to the security, military and defense can be efficiently managed. The services can get access to the centric table of the organization and equipments which will enable the planners to generate the forces in a much faster and efficient manner.

By using the software the defense services are stated to be 40% more prepared with regards force generation, interoperability and deployment. They can now smartly plan their processes and manage supply chains in a more translucent manner. Almost 36% of the cost is said to be reduced by using the software being provided by SAP.

SAP would also enable the personnel to coordinate the various financial, operational as well as material deployments. Interoperability and information can be easily shared for a quick break down of the data and can be used in multiple domains.


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