SAP Sales processing is based on the following basic structures:

– All company is structured in a certain way. In order to work with the SAP business software, your company structure has to be represented in the system. This is done with the help of various organizational structures.

– In SD, products are sold or sent to business partners or services are performed for them. Data about the products and services as well as about the business partners is the basis for sales processing. Sales processing with the SAP System requires that the master data has been stored in the system.

In addition to sales and distribution, other departments of the company such as accounting or materials management access the master data. The material master data is stored in a specific structure in order to allow access from these different views.

– The processing of business transactions in sales and distribution is based on the master data. In the SAP System, business transaction are stored in the form of documents. These sales and distribution documents are structured according to certain criteria so that all necessary information in the document is stored in a systematic way.

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