The main tasks of industrial hygiene and safety professionals are


  • Advising the enterprise when it procures working materials and protective clothing
  • Advising the enterprise when it sets up work centers and work procedures
  • Checking safety of installations
  • Assessing risks
  • Monitoring hygiene and safety measures
  • Informing and motivating employees as regards industrial hygiene and safety
  • Cooperating with company medical services
  • Cooperating with works council or staff council
  • Processing accidents (entering and examining events, notifying the relevant persons or authorities, and so on)

main tasks of industrial hygiene and safety

Company health centers often work together with external partners and also provide treatment for persons who are not employees of the company. Business partners and external persons are entered in the SAP component Central Business Partner.

This role allows you to manage the following business partner roles: deserve

  • Physician
  • Health center
  • Laboratory
  • External person


If you are using the SAP component Time Management, you can access the data on employee absences (illness and vacation, for example).

In the planning cockpit, you can manage the following processes:

  • Determination of Persons for a Medical Service
  • Assignment of Health Surveillance Protocols to Persons
  • Scheduling

Occupational Health menu choose Schedule Planning ® Planning Cockpit.


The transaction names

  • EHSASSIGN (Schedule Planning: Assignment Protocol to Person),
  • EHSASSPERS (Schedule Planning: Person List for Protocol Assignment),
  • EHSSERV01 (Schedule Planning: Open Medical Service), and
  • EHSTERM01 (Schedule Planning: Scheduling Medical Service) still continue to exist

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