What are the initial and basic steps in MM Configuration?

Before MM Configuration, you must understand the process and what is your client requirement.

Configuration is only 10-15 % time of the total time during implementation.

Generally in implementation in MM side, you may look into:

1. Define Plant

2. Define Storage Location

3. Assign Plant to a company

4. Define Purchase Organization

5. Purchase organization assignment

6. Designing of material master

6.1 Defining material master field selection

6.2. Material Master Plant specific field selection
Material Master Type

6.3. Define number range for material type

6.4. Define Industry sector for material master

7. Designing of Vendor master

8. Defining Purchasing Group

9. Defining of material group

10. Define Document type for PO, PR, RFQ

11. Release procedure for PO, PR, RFQ

12. Configuring Pricing Procedure

But all depends on the client requirement and their business process.


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